Expobar Lever Espresso Machine

lever espresso machines

Expobar Lever Semi automatic Espresso machine The commercial style copper boiler has all the features

lever espresso machines

Prices: $1,249.00
Expobar Leva Dual Boiler-Rating 4 stars

expobar 12 oz Brass boiler

  With commercial capabilities its size makes convenient for those who want great espresso without sacrificing a large amount of counter space. body : 15 inch tall, 10.25 inch width and 17.5 inch deeper. The E61 brew group provides pre-infusion and a thermal siphon for maximum temperature stability and aroma extractions. The eye catching highly polished steel housing is as durable as is it beautiful .

The Expobar Lever Semi-Auto Espresso Machine

Expobar Espresso Machine have delivered in style it's an extremely high quality machine, solidly buil has many extremely desirable and innovative features,
Use easy work and convenient for those who want great espresso., enjoy quality of coffee every time..!.

Best Expobar - Lever

this the perfect Semi-Auto Espresso Machine - Ranked 4 stars. Save on Cookware Sets & Kitchen Items and More Every Expobar - Part & Accessory Qualified Part Orders Shipping Free!

Detail : Features
  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Brand: Expobar,technology
  • Model: Lever
  • Weight: 62 pounds
  • Prices : $1,249.00



Expobar Lever Semi-Auto Espresso Machine.
Expobar Office Control Espresso Machine
Expobar Office Whole Latte LoveRecommended
"Enjoy quality of Expobar E61 Brew Group"
  • Color: Stainless steel with black accents
  • Brand: Expobar
  • Weight: 38 pounds
  • Prices : $1,199.00

Organic whole bean coffee
The best dark roast coffee beansRecommended
"Enjoy quality of Dark Roast, Certified 100% Organic Coffee, 8 Oz Whole Bean"
  • dark roast coffee beans
  • Brand: Aloha Island Coffee
  • Weight: .50 pounds
  • Prices : $11.95
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organic kona coffee
100 % Premium Arabica ground coffeeRecommended
"Enjoy quality of Hawaiian Kona Blend Coffee - 12 oz. Ground"
Fresh roasted beans from the Kona Island of Hawaii
  • 100% Arabica coffees
  • Brand: Black Mountain Gold
  • Weight: .75 pounds
  • Prices : $18.11
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